Ails & Ills "Alternative" Mystery Shirt

Ails & Ills "Alternative" Mystery Shirt

  • $16.66


We still have two huge boxes of A&I old stock, and a friend gave us the idea to offer a "mystery shirt" sale to help sort through them. Everyone knew that Hector loved to make very limited amounts of weird colorways of shirts. Many of those shirts are in here.

Order at your own risk. You do not have a say about what you are being sent. Could be a Pepper The Cure shirt. Could be a Purple Christian Death shirt. Fuck around and find out.

All of these shirts are new/unworn and there are only 1 or 2 of each, and only sizes Large and Extra Large exist, which leads us to believe they were always in limited supply.


All are printed on Comfort Colors.

Ails & Ills Forever

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